14 Oct
  • By Theresa DeSouza
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The NGO List

I recently discovered a great new website (rather, I should say, this great new website discovered UPAVIM) The NGO List. The NGO List is a website dedicated to promoting volunteer opportunities around the world. According to their site,

[highlight type=”light”]The NGO List is designed to help would-be volunteers become the real thing. Here you can find a list of grassroots NGOs offering opportunities for travelers with a yearning to help the communities and places they visit. There are also links to useful articles about volunteering and traveling responsibly, as well as a weekly blog to feature organizations from our list.[/highlight]

The list is divided by region so would be travelers and volunteers can find the perfect opportunity to suit their needs. Created by long-time volunteers, Emma and Jonathon, the site includes helpful tips on volunteering and how to find volunteer opportunities, lists of NGO’s seeking volunteers, and featured NGO’s. Emma and Jonathon take the time to research their links to be sure to provide readers with trustworthy sources and reliable information.

[image source_type=”attachment_id” source_value=”1520″ align=”left” size=”medium”] UPAVIM is very honored to be included among the Featured NGO’s and on this weeks’ List of the Latest. We’ve even included a special offer for our crafts website for followers of the NGO List. You will have to visit their site if you want in on the fun!