21 Oct
  • By Theresa DeSouza
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Independence Day!

September 15th was Guatemalan Independence Day, and UPAVIM took part with the rest of the country, with a full week of events. The children and teachers marched in parades through the community, along with other schools from the surrounding areas. They waved flags and many of the girls spent weeks practicing their baton twirling. The parade was full of drum beating and trumpet blowing, and everyone here were equally as excited by the parades as the children were.
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Later in the week, each grade performed a rhythmic gymnastics routine, which was a real treat for everybody in the audience, with cartwheels, flag waving and some well timed hand-stands. The children also presented traditional dancing, adorned in beautiful traditional costume and accompanied with incense and flowers, it was a lovely way to end the week of events to celebrate this enchanting country’s independence. Needless to say the children were exhausted after such a full week of celebrations.