27 Mar
  • By Theresa DeSouza
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Building the Fourth Floor Begins…

Spring is here and with it comes new beginnings!

We are very excited to announce the beginning of construction for our fourth floor. With the extra space created by this addition, we will be adding three additional classrooms to our school. This will allow our children to learn in a calmer environment, reducing crowding and noise levels of the classrooms. Not only will the students and teachers benefit from this expansion, we will also be able to create a larger space for our library that serves the entire community.

With the additional floor will also have space for a computer lab, a community center and, perhaps most exciting, a rooftop playground! The students are very excited to have this new outdoor space.

The development of the fourth floor has been the dream of so many of us here at UPAVIM for so long, and watching construction begin is an exciting step forward. In fact, we are so excited we barely even mind the noise of hammers and drills!

The Palmer Foundation generously contributed almost half the costs of the development but we are still looking for donations to help complete the transformation with a fundraising goal of $70,000. For more information or inquiries as to how you can help with fundraising please visit: www.upavim.org/donate or email: fundraising@upavim.org.