20 Jun
  • By Theresa DeSouza
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Field Trip Time for Reforzamiento

This month has been full of exciting things for all the children of UPAVIM!

With the arrival of Nourish there have been lots of new faces to get to know, and new people to play with! Thanks to the addition of so many volunteers, as well as a generous donation from the family of Meagan, our Reforzamientoz (tutoring center) volunteer, the children of Reforz were able to go on a very rare field trip.

The younger members of Reforz packed on to a retired American school bus and headed off for a day of adventures at Guatemala City’s zoo. Many of them were excited enough just to drive past the airport on the way, and see the planes on the runway! As they poured off the bus, holding the hands of their partner, they sang, cheered and shouted about which animal they were most excited to see! It was a day full of running around and pulling the volunteers in about six different directions as they scrambled to see their favorite animals. Their tired, sun kissed faces at the end of the day were so content and the journey home was much quieter than the one there, as most of them fell fast asleep, Most likely dreaming of the next trip to the zoo.


For the older Reforz children, a trip to the water park was planned, and it is safe to say that this was even more exhausting for the new volunteers! As soon as the gates were open the kids spread throughout the park, taking over every pool! It didn’t even seem to bother them that most of them can not actually swim. The majority of them headed for the biggest slide in the park, and made it their goal for the day to be the one to go down it the fastest, beating all their friends! We even managed to drag Reyna down the slide, which was as tall as UPAVIM’S building; luckily her son was at the bottom to catch her! The day was a huge success, besides a couple of sunburned volunteers! We cannot wait to go again!