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Dear Friends and Family

Mary Joan Ferrara Marsland is our US Director of Marketing and Distribution for UPAVIM Crafts as well as a member of the UPAVIM Community Development Foundation Board. 

Dear Friends and Family,

Hope you are having a good summer!

As many of you know I have worked for UPAVIM Crafts for over 16 years now but not many of you know that I am also on the board of the UPAVIM Community Development Foundation.

UPAVIM is a major part of my life and is very close to my heart. The craft sales help the women make an income but the profits from the sales support much needed services for their impoverished community. They are very much beacon of hope in their community.

The community is appropriately called La Esperanza, which means hope. They live in the midst of gang violence, domestic violence, poverty, and crime, not to mention natural disasters such as earthquakes and landslides. No matter how many times the women of UPAVIM get knocked down, I have seen them over and over get back up again and keep going. I always say they are my heroes and I mean it.

As a board member we are constantly having to raise money to also help fund scholarships, the medical clinic, the school, building projects etc. One clever way we recently discovered is through Amazon Smile. I am sure most of you shop there occasionally. This is really easy and takes only about 10 seconds to do.

Go to Amazon.com and search for Amazon Smile, then pick upavim (Upavim Community Development Foundation) as your charity. You can also use this link: http://smile.amazon.com/ch/68-0558209 Bookmark it then you don’t have to search!

Amazon will give us .05% of your order. It is not a lot but adds up and every bit helps. Ask your friends and family too to do it. I’d really appreciate it!

If you want to know other ways to help you can:

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  • Shop for crafts and send your friends too www.upavimcrafts.org
  • Send a donation one time or sign up for a recurring donation:  https://www.upavim.org/donate/
  • Not using your mileage points? How about giving them to us?
  • Host a sale at work or home – they are really fun to do!! Contact Kathleen to learn more!
  • Talk to shops in your area – tell them about us and our website.


Thanks so much!! I would love to hear from you too!

Take care – XO Mary Joan

Mary Joan Ferrara-Marsland
US Director of Marketing and Distribution
Board Member
UPAVIM Community Development Foundation