05 Sep
  • By Theresa DeSouza
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Preppa Gimnasio Competitio

On Thursday, September 4, UPAVIM’s kindergarten class participated in a multi-school Gymnastics Dance competition.


All the kindergarten classes in Villa Nueva, nine in total, participated in the day’s festivities. The dance routines were all choreographed by the kindergarten teacher and parents, set to a mix of patriotic marimba music and English pop songs. An UPAVIM mom sewed all of the outfits for our kids, using the colors of the national flag. The kids have practiced every day for weeks, and were very excited to finally dance for the judges.

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Pompoms in hand, the 6 year olds jumped, twirled and marched, ending the dance with a confetti explosion. And all their hard work paid off – we won 2nd place! During the local parade next week, the kiddos will get to perform their dance again for the whole community.


Felicidades Preppa! We are so proud of you.