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Los Programas de Vacaciones

by Linda Billotti

November will be a very busy month for Reforzameinto! The kids just all finished their exams and are done with school for the year! (In Guatemala the school vacation is November and December rather than the summer months that I am accustomed to in the US) To keep the kids entertained, off the streets, and learning something during their vacation we will be having an afternoon Reforz program in addition to a literature program in the library in the morning. UPAVIM will provide kids with 4 hours of activities each day of the break for free.

The schedule for the programs are:

9-10am                         Prepa and 1st grade literature program
10-11am                       2nd and 3rd grade literature program
11-12pm                       4th, 5th, and 6th grade literature program
2-5pm                           Vacation program in Reforz for all grades together

In order to plan for these activities we divided the grades among the volunteers. Luckily we all prefer different age groups so I will be working with Prepa and 1st all day. Caitie will be with the 4th, 5th, and 6th and Allison will be with 2nd and 3rd. We will also have two more volunteers helping with the program who will be arriving in the next few days!

In the literature program we will read a book every day with the kids with different themes like family, adventure, and fantasy then we will have activities like crafts and story sequencing to discuss the story further. Many kids that we work with have a lot of trouble reading and are the furthest behind in the language portion of their education so this program is very beneficial for them all!

In the Reforz program, in the afternoon, we will split the time that they spend with us each day between something educational (Math, Spanish, English, Science, or Social Studies) and an activity like music, art, games, and theater. We are all very excited for this program because last year there was only the literature program in the morning but luckily this year we were able to expand the vacation programs.

Registration for the programs is this week and we are hoping that at least 60-70 kids will participate in each of the programs. We have been spending the last few days planning a lot so that this program will be a great success! So while the kids are on vacation this month will be the craziest I think, but I am excited to see what this program can be! These Reforz kids are excited too.

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