29 Apr
  • By Theresa DeSouza
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A Mother’s Hope for the Future

Meet Johana

Johana, the nurse in the UPAVIM medical clinic has a true passion for helping others. She’s the first person to welcome you into the clinic and the last person to wish you well on your way out. Johana’s dedication and determination make her the perfect person for the job.

Yesterday, we introduced Daniel, a student who was born with a genetic malformation that caused his ears not to fully develop. Today, we introduce you to Johana, Daniel’s mother. Read Daniel’s story here.

As a young girl, Johana grew up with her 9 younger siblings, mother, and father in a small one-room house in the city. She was only allowed to study up to fourth grade as her parents decided it was more important to send their sons to school than their daughters. At 13 years old Johana started work at a maquiladora (factory.) She worked there for about 5 years, at which point she left her home and moved to La Esperanza with her husband. When they first came to La Esperanza they lived in another small, one-room house made of cardboard and a few sheets of metal for the roof. Johanna decided she wanted to finish her schooling so she went back to school starting in 5th grade. After a few years of school Johana knew she wanted to become a nurse so she could help the people in her community with the problems they faced on a day-to-day basis. After obtaining her nursing certificate in 2010 she began work at UPAVIM and has been the hard-working nurse in the clinic ever since.

When asked what her hopes for the future of the clinic was, Johana responded that she wishes the clinic could receive donations for medicine so they could give medicine at a discounted price. One of the hardest parts of Johana’s job is seeing people come in with easily curable ailments that just cannot afford the costs of the medicine that they need to feel better.

Johanna is not just a nurse at UPAVIM, but also a sewer for the crafts program and the mother of 3 incredibly bright children. Her oldest daughter is currently in high school, her middle son in junior high school and her youngest daughter is in the third grade at the UPAVIM school. Johana’s 12 year old son Daniel was born with a deformity of both ears, his jaw and throat. It has been a difficult task to find and provide Daniel with the support and help he needs to be able to hear and communicate. Johana’s one wish for her future and the future of her family is that they find a way to obtain the surgery that Daniel needs to construct his ears and correct the formation of his jaw.

If you would like more information about how you can help the UPAVIM clinic or Johana’s son Daniel, please [icon_link style=”email” color=”blue” href=”mailto:mary@upavim.org” target=”_blank”]send us an email[/icon_link]!

UPAVIM is lucky to have such a self-less, caring, determined woman working in the clinic and helping everyone and in every way she can!