30 Apr
  • By Theresa DeSouza
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Becas (scholarships) Update

Thank You!!!

Thanks to the numerous UPAVIM supporters these children have been given the amazing opportunity to continue studying when it otherwise may have not been an option for them.  Keeping these young minds in school is not only important for them as individuals, but it is an important investment into the futures of their families and their community.

UPAVIM’s goal is to send 450 students to school each year! There scholarships are awarded to elementary and junior high school students, as well as some high school and professional school students. These scholarships are made possible thanks to extremely generous contributions from UPAVIM donors.

The scholarship covers school supplies and fees. This may not sound like much, but for students in this impoverished area, it can mean the difference between attending school or not. Many children do not attend school in La Esperanza because their families cannot afford the fees, so these kids and families are incredibly grateful for these scholarships. Scholarship recipients are selected by the consejo (UPAVIM Board) who are elected each year. Students are chosen based on necessity by their home/family situation.

Recipients in junior high school and above have started working on the 80 volunteer hours they must complete this year in order to keep their scholarships. The younger students are busy working hard and finishing all their homework to make sure they pass the year so they can keep their scholarship for next year as well. In addition to the volunteer hours, in order to receive the scholarship the recipients have to turn in 10 recycled soda cans for the UPAVIM Artesania. At the end of the year they must also sell lists to raise money for the Artesania (Q20 each).

From the entire UPAVIM community, we cannot thank you enough for your support of our programs. You have taken part in the transformation of a community and have provided hope for a brighter, safer future.

We are currently raising funds for the 2016 school year. All donations need to be received no later than September 30, 2015 in order to be used for the upcoming school year. There are several ways you can contribute to our scholarship fund!

Donate $45 now to send one student for the year.


Want to do more? Please consider making a recurring donation to UPAVIM. You can earmark your donation for the Scholarship fund or any one of UPAVIM’s other programs.

Interested in raising money through your school, church or organization? It only takes 180 quarters to send a student to school for the entire year!

All it takes is an old coffee tin and this flyer!

By simply placing a Quarter Collection Can in a prominent location, you can help us achieve our  mission of sending children to school. Just click on the picture to download the flyer.

Quarter Can Donation Letter