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UPAVIM Scholars: Nahoky

P8070301Meet Nahoky

Nahoky is a 6th grade student at the UPAVIM School, and a recipient of a scholarship. For Primary School and Junior High students, the $45 Beca helps to cover the cost of their uniform, basic school supplies, and supplies for them to use at the UPAVIM tutoring center. The scholarship is a big help to Nahoky’s mom, Paty, who has four children in school.

Nahoky is one of ten people living in her grandmother’s home, located right on the edge of the big trash dump in La Esperanza. Nahoky lives with her three living siblings, mom, grandmother, aunt, cousin, and two uncles.

Life has not been easy for Nahoky’s family. Her father moved out of the home several years ago. After years of abuse alcoholism, Paty made the difficult choice to kick him out of the house to protect her children and family. Then, three years ago, Nahoky’s youngest sister died of Pneumonia. Because their house is made of metal sheets with  many holes, the house would fill with water every time it rained and there was no way to keep it dry, especially during the rainy season. All of the children were sick, and after her baby died, Patty was forced to send her other four children to live with their aunt to get well.

PatyKidsNahoky is the oldest sibling and tries to set a good example. The most important chore for Nahoky and her siblings is their studies. Nahoky will graduate from the UPAVIM school this year and will go on to a new school for 7th grade next year. She is both nervous and excited. Nahoky says she wants to become an accountant when she finishes school. Her favorite subjext is math and she loves numbers and making graphs. Pie graphs are the most fun to do, she says. Nahoky hopes to get a good job in the future to help support the hard-working women in her family.

Nahoky’s big hope for her community is that one day people can learn to be conscientious about trash and recycling. Living next to the biggest trash dump in the community has made Nahoky experience first hand the dire need for a cleaner, healthier community. Education is the key for the community to learn about recycling and healthy garbage disposal.

If you would like to learn more about the UPAVIM Scholarship Program, or how you can help students like Nahoky complete their education, please visit our Scholarship Page.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   DinaPatyDiana