06 May
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Updates from Guatemala

by Lin Heijnen

The New Floor

As you might have heard already, UPAVIM is building a new floor and it’s starting to look pretty good! The new floor will host 3 new classrooms for UPAVIM’ s school, which will have a bit more space and a lot more light. By moving these current classrooms from downstairs to upstairs, there will also be created more space for the library and Reforzamiento. The new floor also makes room for a new roof, which will be used as a playground. As the builders are now starting to put the final things in, the new floor will be ready for use in April. This of course wouldn’t have been possible without all the great people who donated. Thank you on behalf of the UPAVIMas, volunteers, English team and of course the kids!

A great start of a new school year

Thanks to donations, UPAVIM was able to give out bags, filled with school supplies, to all of the students of the UPAVIM school. These bags were filled with, among others, notebooks, pencils, crayons etcetera. This made sure every UPAVIM kid could start the new school year with the supplies he or she needs. So once again, a very big thank you from all of the kids and teachers!

school supplies

Welcoming guests

On the 20th of February, UPAVIM received guests from the “Sister Parish”, an organization which UPAVIM is a part of. The guests came from all over Guatemala, most of them from rural areas. They meet every year and this year it was UPAVIMs turn to welcome them. Among their activities they got to listen to a presentation about nutrition, given by two UPAVIM volunteers. They talked about implementing some healthy food choices in their daily regime, without loosing their cultural ways of eating. Beside it being an informative experience, the volunteers also received a generous donation for UPAVIM!

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