10 Aug
  • By Theresa DeSouza
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We’re moving up

UPAVIM CAA, our alternative learning center, is in for a big and much anticipated upgrade. With a current toll of 148 students between the grades of kindergarten to sixth, it’s a tight fit in our current available space. Several classrooms are split by temporary walls and are home to two grade levels each. Not only is the classroom space extremely limited, the shared walls make for a challenging learning environment with the level of noise and interruption.

UPAVIM CAA has a unique schedule, seeing as students attend school from 7:30am-3:30pm daily. A typical Guatemalan school curriculum is a half-day program, but here at UPAVIM all children receive a half-day of English language courses Monday through Friday. The longer hours made for yet another challenge with our limited space.

With the help of the Palmer Foundation, Linda and Bob Wiley, and Buckey and Carolyn Turk, in addition to a gracious donation from the Belgian government, we have been able to construct an additional level to the UPAVIM building. This space will be the new home of third, fourth, fifth, and sixth graders in addition to the first teacher’s bodega that has been available for our staff.

Classroom sizes drastically increase, all grade levels have their own room, and each space is illuminated by natural light provided by large windows that look out over La Esperanza. The teacher’s bodega will not only be a storage space for materials, but a work area for the teaching staff to do planning and curriculum development.

We are very grateful and excited about this opportunity to have a new and improved learning environment to finish off the 2016 school year!