04 Apr
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5th Year of Bilingual Program Begins

Exciting things are happening in the UPAVIM bilingual school this year! We kicked off the 2017 school year with a great start and are so excited for the future and what it will bring to the UPAVIM students.

We are starting our fundraising campaign for the UPAVIM Bilingual school early this year! We need to raise $12,000 to keep the doors open in 2018 and continue providing quality services to the young minds of UPAVIM.

Every year we raise money to support UPAVIM and the costs incurred specifically by keeping the school open for a full day to provide Montessori style teaching and immersive English classes. The costs include materials, books and supplies used in class by the students, stipends for the volunteer English teachers, a fund for special events and educational excursions for the children and training expenses for both English teachers and the Guatemalan teaching staff.

The UPAVIM school is now in its 5th year of the full fledged, full day bilingual program. The full school day now includes immersive English classes for the Montessori pre-Kinder program (ages 2-5) and all grades of the UPAVIM school (K-6). Montessori style teaching has also been expanded through the first grade. The goal is to expand Montessori by one grade every year until every grade in the school is taught by trained Montessori teachers.

Last year the UPAVIM students were so excited to move into their new spacious classrooms and this year the teachers are taking advantage of the extra space and materials to provide a more enriching education to their little learners!

This year has brought a brand new team of dedicated English teachers working hard to provide quality ESL classes to their students. The students are excited in English and the younger grades love singing songs in English and using their English vocabulary as much as possible! The older students are working on important projects such as identifying their dream jobs and mapping out ways to successfully reach their goals.

The group of native English speaking volunteers and the dedicated Guatemalan teaching staff are working hand in hand to provide quality education and hope for a better future to the students of UPAVIM.

Please consider supporting education and the opportunity for a better life for the UPAVIM students and their families! Donate to the UPAVIM bilingual school and make a difference in the lives of so many young learners.

Contributions of any amount will be greatly appreciated and help us reach our goal of $12,000 for the 2018 school year!