Coordinator Needed for English Program in Guatemala

POSITION TITLE: English Coordinator

Summary Description:

Coordinate English program in the UPAVIM school in Guatemala. Ideally applicant would make a 2-year commitment as the English coordinator.


A highly motivated English coordinator is needed. The coordinator will organize the English program at UPAVIM. They will be the central communicator between the principal of UPAVIM, the Guatemalan teachers, and the four English teachers. They will work with the English teachers to revise and improve upon the English program. This will include the curriculum, scheduling with the school, buying materials, and finding solutions to various problems that arise during the year. The English coordinator will work full-time Monday-Friday from 7:00-4:00 based upon the Guatemalan school schedule. The goal for the position is to support teachers while also encouraging a passion for learning. This is an excellent opportunity to work abroad and take part in the transformation of this community.

In 2002 UPAVIM’s school was established to offer the children of La Esperanza and neighboring communities a nurturing, stimulating and inspiring atmosphere to learn and grow. An English Program was launched in 2008 which incorporated a half hour of English into the 5-hour school day. In 2013, the program expanded and now consists of 30 minutes of English immersion classes for the Montessori pre-school, 1 hour of English immersion classes for K-2, and 2 hours of English immersion classes for grades 3-6. The teachers also spend one-on-one time teaching children in English during Montessori classes.  This program not only broadens the future education and employment opportunities of UPAVIM’s children, but it also increased the school day to 8 hours, keeping students away from the gang violence that is present on the streets of La Esperanza. The original English program at UPAVIM was started by one of our dedicated volunteers, Madeleine Anderson. We are all grateful to her for this important initiative that will improve so many children’s opportunities throughout their lives.

Ideal Candidate:

Experience working in schools; bachelor’s or master’s degree in education; experience working with Latino communities.


  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Desire to live and work in an impoverished urban area
  • Patient and adaptable to change
  • Speak and listen at an intermediate level in Spanish required
  • Teaching experience required
  • Minimal commitment of 1 ½ year


  • Free housing
  • Breakfast and Lunch are provided from the school kitchen during the week
  • Monthly living stipend may be available

Responsibilities will include:

  • Hold weekly individual meetings and bimonthly team meetings with English teachers
  • Hold weekly meetings with school principal
  • Communicate with parents about the English program
  • Observe and organize teacher to teacher observations of English classes
  • Teach when emergency comes up with an English teacher
  • Maintain and improve established curriculum

Please complete the application found below and send it to us at the address to the right.

Information Guide
Application Form
Application Form – Spanish


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