UPAVIM's Mission:

To support the women of La Esperanza in their work for better economic, healthcare, and educational opportunities for themselves, their families, and their community.

Empowered Women Grow Communities

At UPAVIM we believe that when women are economically empowered, families thrive and communities are safer. Through our income generating projects, the women of UPAVIM are able to not only support themselves and their families, but also to support their community. For over 30 years, UPAVIM has worked with and within the community of La Esperanza to develop programs for the community’s benefit. Who works for, manages, and develops these programs? The women of La Esperanza and surrounding communities.

Today, UPAVIM has three income generating projects: Artesenia (UPAVIM Crafts,) Panaderia (Bakery & Store,) and rental income from the health clinic and the laboratory.

We are Upavimas

(the women of UPAVIM)

Upavimas are STRONG, Upavimas are creative. Upavimas are wives, artists, mothers, businesswomen, caretakers, administrators, breadwinners. Upavimas are INNOVATORS. Upavimas work every day to push back against the violence and poverty that exists within their neighborhoods and homes. Upavimas are EMPOWERED

What does “empowering women” mean for UPAVIM?

It means offering the women of La Esperanza and surrounding communities: