Support our Programs

Although UPAVIM supports its school and daycare 100% through the sale of its crafts, our other programs rely on generous donations from people who believe in what we are doing and want to help. We gratefully accept donations and are extremely appreciative of any contributions to our programs.

Community Programs

These programs provide services not only to our women, but to thousands of people in La Esperanza and other nearby communities. Some programs are free and the rest charge a low price. Who works for, manages, and develops these programs? The women of La Esperanza and the surrounding communities.

Our Programs:

  • Generate employment and opportunities for professional and personal growth
  • Address healthcare needs for La Esperanza and surrounding communities
  • Provide a variety of educational services for adults and children of the community
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School & Daycare
Building Maintenance
Medical Clinic
healthcare (2)


Growth Monitoring Program
Medical Clinic