Medical Services

The Pharmacy

Currently UPAVIM runs the Pharmacy and provides a nurse running the pharmacy and for treating minor injuries, injections, breathing treatments and assisting the doctor when needed. We continue to have a Medical Clinic and Laboratory to serve the community but they are both run privately by a very dedicated doctor and lab technician.

Laboratory and Medical Clinic (1991 – present)

In recent years, UPAVIM found it increasingly difficult to retain a medical doctor and lab technician due to the danger in the community. A wonderful solution arose when a lab technician asked to rent the lab space and then found a doctor to rent the clinic. It was a win win for UPAVIM, providing much needed income without the difficulty in retaining staff. They have both proved to be very supportive of UPAVIM and an excellent addition to our community.  The lab, pharmacy and medical clinic are open 5 mornings a week.  Some medicines are donated to us and others we buy from local pharmaceutical companies. We always sell the medicines at the lowest price possible so they will be affordable for the community.


Special Thanks!

UPAVIM acknowledges the generosity of the Rotary Clubs from Paso Robles, Paso Robles-Sunrise and Atascadero, California, Carrie Kemp, Charlie Watts and her husband, First United Methodist Church of Downers Grove, Illinois for their donations and donations of medical supplies!