Thank You for Your Support and Generosity

Although UPAVIM supports its school and daycare 100% through the sale of its crafts, our other programs rely on generous donations from people who believe in what we are doing and want to help. We gratefully accept donations and are extremely appreciative of any contributions to our programs. UPAVIM has received support from numerous churches, individuals, stores, non-profit organizations, and foundations since the cooperative began in 1988.

All donations are tax-deductible in the U.S.A.

The UPAVIM Community Development Foundation (UCDF) is a 501(C)(3) organization based in the United States. Part of our mission is to raise funds for the programs UPAVIM offers in Guatemala. All money received from donations, except a tiny amount used for stamps and envelopes to thank donors, goes directly to UPAVIM programs.

If you are interested in making a tax-deductible donation in the USA to one of UPAVIM’s programs, you can do so by writing a check payable to:

Please mail your donations to:
UPAVIM Community Development Foundation
c/o Janessa Landeck
1700 Sheely Dr.
Fort Collins, CO  80526
UCDF – UPAVIM Community Development Foundation
  • A registered U.S. based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.
  • Please specify on your check how you would like your funds used, or designate As Needed.


Thank you for your support!

For further details please contact us anytime.

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UPAVIM’s Generous Supporters Include:

Katie Abbott
Maria Adler
Kristina Alexander
Jeannie Allie
David Anderson
John Angiolilo
Nancy Ankeney
Mary Applegate
Artisan’s World Marketplace
Laura Armstrong
Sara Armstrong
Sheila Ary
Sarah Barnett
Anna Barry
Marcia Bellas
Madelyn Berger
Phoebe Berner
John and Margaret Billman
Andrew Billotti
Cassandra and Sam Billotti
Katie Billotti
Linda Billlotti
Gerry Boglitsch
Carl Bon Tempo
Patsy Boone
Ali Bourque
Themis Bova
Bob and Jana Brandis
Laurel Briggs
Eric Brookens
Leeann Brookens
Cynthia Burgunder
Bridget Burless
Hannah Burn
Julie Burn
Paul and Dominique Butcher
Judy Canahuaiti
Adrienne Carmack
Mayra Carr
Janet Carsetti
Henry and Marion Chaeff
Rebecca Chapman
Ed Charnery
Mireya Chavez
Carla Cielecki
Courtney Cline
Curious Iguana
Elena Cohen
Richard Cole
Joseph Conflitti
Winifred W. Conner
Sanne Coppens
Nan Cronk-Walker
Crossroads Presbyterian Church
Adam Cusack
Dana Dallas
Dawn Dennison
Theresa deSouza
Alex Dillon
Rachel Disbrow
Wayne Disbrow
Jonathan Dizer
JoAnne Dodgson
Raymond Donaldson
Joan Donoghue
Vincent Donoghue
Robert and Martha Dow
Andrea Dowdy
Kathy and John Doyle
Hannah Drakeley
Louis Dudrow
Claudia Dugan
Claudia Dumont
Jaques Dumont & Line Gandreau
Tara Dunsmore
Dr. Gordon Ement
The Ethical Olive
John and Lucia Evans
John Everett
Deborah Faber
Mary Dale Fairbanks
Evelyn Falk
Kay Falk
Tania Faransso
Kathryn Feldbaum
Sarah Feldbaum
Dalia Feltman
Terry Feltman
Thomas Ferrara II
Thomas Ferrara III
Mary Joan Ferrara-Marsland
Roberta Ferrara
Judith Fischer
Ryan Fischer
Lynne Fletcher
Tara Flores
Rachel Forsyth-Tuerck
Kathleen Foster
David Frankel
Dr. Gordon Freedman
Britt Fremstad
John Fremstad
Jon French
Ellie Friedland
Diane Friese
Alison Frye
Jim Fusco
Robert Garduno

Robert Garduno
Margaret Garroway
Brenda Gaye Webb
Robyn Gibbs
Catherine Gira
The Global Market
Heather Gravelle Falk
Rachel Green
Kimberly Grimes
Bill and Beth Hadley
Roger Haglund
Kristen Hamilton
Matt Harbutt
Jane Harrison
Priscilla Hart
Bonna Harwood
Mark Hash
Pamela Hays
Wout Heijman
Loreen Heinz
Albert and Gail Holm
David Hoovler
Linda Hopkins
Mildred Hopkins
Patricia Hopkins
Christine Hoppus & Harvey Siegel
Mariah Horrigan
Mary Horrigan
Howard Co. Peace Action
Ruth Hufbauer
Hydrolics Inc/Megan Rivera
Mike Inoue
Maria Jacobs
Tim Jarnigan
Robert Jewett
Jane Jones
Sally James and Daryl Kimball
Donald and Linda Kaufman
John Kayaian
Bryce Kelly
Cathleen Kelly
Keri Kelly
Suzanne Kelly
Gary and Carolyn Kemp
Anthony Kizlauskus
Kenji Kizuka
Rimmal Khan
Jessie Killian
Sasha Kinney
Bonnie Klein
Richard Knight
Lehea Kuphal
Mary Kouznetsov
Zeev Kouznetsov
C J Krusinski
Nadine Kueber
Janessa Landeck and Anders Fremstad
Mary Landeck
Robert Landeck
Roberta Laron
Nick Laskowski
Latitudes Fair Trade Store
Hwok-Aun Lee
Caitlin Lezell
Carol Lieberman
Olivia Lloyd
Sara Loeppert
Carolyn Lovell
MacResource Computer & Service
Kelsey Maddock
Meagan Maddock
Nicole Maddock
Stephen and Kimberly Maddock
Made by Hand
Laura Maffei
Martha Manno
Nelly Marcoux
Maika Marinelli
Valerie Marks
Rev.Donald & Judith Marxhausen
Elizabeth May
Amanda Mayhew
Thomas Maxwell
Lori McCarthy
Daisy McCoy
Larry McDonald
Teresa McEwan
David McKenna
Sheila McKurdy
Marian Melville
John Thomas Merlin Partners
Edward Metz
Carolyn Meyer
Nacy Lee Miller
Mission Committee Second PC
Mission Presbytery Church
Alicia Mitchell
Jeanna and Jeremy Moegenburg
Mary Ann Mueller
Edward Murphy
Sally Mussar Jones
Carolyn Nevarez
Susan Nicholson
Ronald Nigro
Sue Norcross
Elaine Novak
Jean Orton
Diane and Gary Osan
Cynthia and Mark Osborn

Deborah Osborn
Ina Osborn
Stephen Lane Osborn
Michele Paolella
Geof Paquette
PEG Partners, LLC
Pentwater Fair Trade Co.
Donna Peterson
Melissa Petrosky
Stephan Pieters
Claire Pitstick
Lenore Pitstick
Rachel Popick
Chadd Potts
Bruce Poynter
Brandon Protas
Bianca Prune
Susan Pumplin
Clyde and Ramona Pyere
Francene Quick
Madeline Ramey
Elia Rangel
Laura Rather
Anita Rehorn
Dorothy Reichard
David Resnick
Nancy Rhead
Barbara Rickman
Alberto Rivera
Brenda Rosenbaum
Mary Rossing
Sara Russell
Carol Sanderson
Luanne Schinzell
Kurt Scholler
Andrea Seebaum
Steve Sharar
Bonnie Shay
Susan Shelton
Jody Slocum
William and Sharon Smith
South Central Wisconsin Synod
Mary Staudt
Jennifer Steciak
Stone Family Charitable Fund
Karen Sortor
Spanish Hong Kong Bookstore
Cathryn Spillman
Cheryl Stathekis
Ashley Stewart
Matthew Stewart
Julie Stone
Kieu Storinger
Steven Stowe
Timothy Sturn
Bea Strattner
Eric&Janet Strickland Charitable Fund
Jean Svacina
T & T Staff Management
Trevor Takayarna
Mary Tarbert
Daniele Tavani
Linda Temple
Philip Thorpe
Linda and Frank Toia
Trade Fair Marketplace
Clara Turk
Russ and Betsy Tyldesley
Patricia Van Amburg
Tami Van Dreese
John and Eleanor Van Dyke
Rita Van Dyke
Helen Veit
Jason and Abby Veliquette
Laura Vrana
Susan Warren
Richard Woodward
Trinity Lutheran Church
Trinity Women of ELCA
Jean Warda
Susan M. Warren
Jamla Watkins
Richard and Charlene Watts
Ronald Webb
Patricia Weidler
Christine Welch
Timothy T Welch Memorial Fund
Wheelchairs Among Us
Alyssa Whitworth
Tova Wiener
John Baker Wilcox Revocable Trust
Bob and Linda Wiley
Louise Williams
Kathy Winters
A.Gerharte Witte
Women of First English LC
Dean and Beth Wood
John R. Woods Foundation
Women of St. Johns E.L.C.A.
Work of Our Hands
World Next Door
Devik Wyman
Sally Yates
Amelia Yongue
Anne Zelonis
Margaret Zeps
Karen Zimmerman
Dorothy and John Zulli
Maya Zwerching