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Are you or someone you know looking for a new volunteer opportunity?

What about the chance to live and work in Guatemala? UPAVIM is still looking for  volunteers to work in the tutoring center (Reforzimiento) starting in January, 2014.

Welcome to the Reforzamiento Tutoring Program

Summary Description:

UPAVIM seeks highly motivated and caring volunteers to work in the tutoring center and teach children grades K-6.

Length of Commitment:

A minimum commitment of four months is required but one year is preferred. The responsibilities of volunteering in the tutoring center consume 8 hours of work per day during the week and every other Saturday, depending on the number of volunteers.


  • Have experience in working with children
  • Be conversational in Spanish or attend language school prior to volunteering
  • Be a self-starter and self-regulator
  • Have good teaching skills


The women of UPAVIM decided to start a tutoring program with the help of two international volunteers in 1992 to assist the scholarship children who were having trouble in school. Those who study at school in the morning can attend the tutoring center, called Reforzamiento, in the afternoon and those who do not go to school can attend Reforzamiento in the morning. Students in grades K through 6th may attend the one-hour sessions three times a week for the targeted help with math, Spanish and science. Children who cannot afford to attend school due to physical disabilities or other reasons also receive classes, normally in the morning when the center is less crowded. These students require special attention and effort, and one of the most rewarding experiences of working in the Reforzamiento is getting to know and love all of the children who attend.

VOLUNTEERS2The Role of the Volunteer

Most volunteers at UPAVIM have found their experience to be demanding but extremely rewarding. Working and living in a developing country demands a lot of energy and flexibility, which is something that needs to be considered before making this decision. Many volunteers have found room for their own creativity and interest and the program is constantly improving through the special talents and ideas of volunteers.

As well as the actual tutoring, volunteers make home visits, meet with the scholarship committee periodically, and Saturday mornings they plan and participate in extra-curricular activities such as games, sports and art projects with kids in the program. They also meet with the principals and teachers in the three schools located in La Esperanza to find out what the different classes are studying and to facilitate good relations between UPAVIM and the schools. During vacation (October to January), the program becomes more of a summer camp, focusing on activities such as theater, athletics, games, art, and reading.

To Apply:

Please complete the application found below and send it to us at the address below.

Information Guide
Application Form

volunteerupavim@gmail.com ( Please add the Subject Line: “Tutoring Program” )