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Although UPAVIM supports its daycare and preschool through the sale of its crafts and supports part of the schools budget, the school and other programs rely on generous donations from people who believe in what we are doing and want to help. Ultimately our goal is to work towards being self sustaining, but it is a long uphill battle. We gratefully accept donations to our programs and are extremely appreciative. UPAVIM has received support from numerous churches, individuals, stores, non-profit organizations, and foundations since the cooperative began in 1988.

All donations are tax-deductible in the U.S.A.

The UPAVIM Community Development Foundation (UCDF) is a 501(C)(3) organization based in the United States. Aside from advising the women when needed, our mission is mainly to raise funds for the programs UPAVIM offers in Guatemala. All money received from donations goes directly to UPAVIM programs, except a very small amount used for stamps and envelopes to thank donors,


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If you are interested in making a tax-deductible donation in the USA to one of UPAVIM’s programs, you can do so by writing a check payable to:

Please mail your donations to:
UPAVIM Community Development Foundation
c/o Janessa Landeck
1700 Sheely Dr.
Fort Collins, CO  80526
UCDF – UPAVIM Community Development Foundation
  • A registered U.S. based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.
  • Please specify on your check how you would like your funds used, or designate As Needed.


Thank you for your support!

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UPAVIM’s Generous 2019 – 2020 Supporters Include:

Andrea Abbott
Katie Abbott
Glenn Abell
Abriendo Fronteras – Opening Borders
Alternatives Global Marketplace
Eleanor Armstrong
Laura Armstrong
Artisan’s World Marketplace
Katie Arnold
Patricia Baker
Kacy Barker
Sarah Barnett
Anna Barry
Mellifora Beebee
Marcia Bellas
Berea Interfaith Task Force
Samantha Bartlett
Cassandra and Sam Billotti
Katie Billotti
Linda Billlotti
Patsy Bodine
Carl Bon Tempo
Ali Bourque
Amy Bourret
Stuart Braiman & Christine Tetreault
Laurel Briggs
Cathleen & John Briley
Karen Brogna
Leeann Brookens
Cynthia Burgunder
Bridget Burless
Richard & Susan Burton
Paul and Dominique Butcher
Linda Campbell
Judy Canahuaiti
Mayra Carr
Sina Chan
Ed & Mary Clark
Rima Cooke
Lisa Coughanowr
Curious Iguana
Estuardo Cobo
Richard & Lori Cole
Cooper Dry Goods
Sanne Coppens
Dorothy Courtis
Daisy Cox
J. Crew/Blackbaud Giving Fund
Crossroads Presbyterian Church
Jan Cummings
Gail Cunningham
Susan Davis
Jennifer Dean
Louis DeGeest
Nadine DeLeon
Laurie Demorest
Mary Demorest
Natanya Diament
Vincent Donoghue
Stephanie & Duncan Downs Hughes
Kathy and John Doyle
Hannah Drakeley
Tara Dunsmore
David & Barbara Ehst
Mary Embry
Todd & Kristine England
Susan Enroth
Alexandra Eurich
Gregory Eurich
Michael Evans
Deborah Faber
Faith Lutheran Church
Kay Falk
Kathryn Fallbaum
Dalia Feltman
Terry Feltman
Thomas & Margaret Ferrara Sr.
Thomas Ferrara Jr.
Mary Joan Ferrara-Marsland
Roberta Ferrara
Ryan Fisher
Marilyne Freedman

John Fremstad
Ellie Friedland
Alison Frye
Jim Fusco
Alice Gansfield
The Global Market
Global Village Gifts
Anna Sofia Gomez
Sarah Goodman
Khoosheih Gosink
Grace Lutheran Church
Roger Haglund
Jane Harrison
Ronda Harrity
Don & Nadine Hecht
Barbara Heeb
Loreen Heinz
Karen Hogan
Will Honeycutt
Mariah Horrigan
Mary Howe
Elizabeth Howlett
Maureen Huelsenbeck
Gail Hume
Jane Renee Hyzy
International Blessings
Tim & Laura Jamagin
Rachel Jantzi
Tom Johnson
Martine & Carolyn Karcher Fund
Shion Kato
Kenneth Katzen
Lucretia Keenan
Sara Keller
Cathleen Kelly
John & Maureen Kelly
Suzanne Kelly
Gary and Carolyn Kemp
Sally James & Daryl Kimball
Chara King
Georgia King
Kenji Kizuka
Sasha Kinney
Ray Krusinski
Kate Kuhn
Lehea Kuphal
Janessa Landeck and Anders Fremstad
Mary Landeck
Robert Landeck
Rachel Lausch
Friedrich & Erika Lautenschlager
Jennifer Legler
Marie Legrand
Sara Loeppert
Nancy Long
Regina Lord
Karen Lunnen
Bernadette MacDonald
Meagan Maddock
Nicole Maddock
Stephen and Kimberly Maddock
Laura Maffei
Doris Maluck & Phillip Grupposo
Mango Tree Artisans
Martha Manno
Nelly Marcoux
Dana Martin
Ellen Marquardt
Elizabeth May
Anne McBryde Family Foundation
Stephanie McGrath
Natalie Melville
Mission Presbytery Church
Tara Mitcheltree
Estefani Morales Zanoletti
Elizabeth Morawitz
Cassy Morns
Gina Mosavi
Mountain Chalet Aspen
Edward Murphy
Sally Murray James
Maureen Mylander

Dennis & Marah Nelson
Deborah Osborn
Ina Osborn
Mark Osborn
Lisa Ostroff
Michele Paolella
Anne Pelletier
Helen Peterle
Stephan Pieters
Claire Pitstick
Lenore Pitstick
Diane Pittman
Plenty International
Laura Potter-Sodowski
Chadd Potts
Mary Potvin
Brandon Protas
Bianca Prune
James Raleigh
Richard Randolph
Patricia Reichard
David Resnick
Emily Richards
Kate Rosen
Brenda Rosenbaum
Judith Sadegh
Karen Saint Denis
St. Matthew’s Congregation
St. Peter’s Lutheran Church
Leslie Salgado
Carol Sanderson
James Schick
Luanne Schinzel
Kurt Scholler
Vicki Schmidt
Bonnie Schwartz
Hollye Schwartz
Margaret Shanks
Susan Shelton
Jody Slocum
Carolyn Somers
South Central Wisconsin Synod
Cathryn Spillman
Caitlyn Stialvey
Ava Swafford
Kathy Swiney
Linda Temple
Carolyn Tillotson
Linda Toia
Fatou Pompilus Toure
Jennie Trayes
Brandon Trevino
Trinity Women of the E.L.C.A.
Kim Truong
James Tyldesley
Russ and Betsy Tyldesley
Sue Unkenholz & Ward Sutton
Eefje Van den Auwelent
Tami Van Dreese
Jennifer VanSandt
Helen Veit
Cheryl Vossberg
Jean Warda
Warren Wanlund
Richard and Charlene Watts
Ameila Weinfurtner
Susan Weltman
Tamra Westbrooks
Alyssa Whitworth
Bob and Linda Wiley
Dale & Judy Wilkins
Sue Norcross
Frank Norman
Elaine Novak
Kathy Winters
Lydia Wise
John R. Woods Foundation
Jeneese Woofter
Sally Yates
Linda Yergey
Sabrina Zeller
Margaret Zeps
Maya Zwerching