Solar Panels

During its first eight years, UPAVIM had a large three story building. Programs expanded and we started new projects as we needed more space. We managed to purchase the adjacent property which had a building already on it but not suited to our needs. We tore down the building in 2000 to begin construction of our “Annex,” to stand next to our main building. We have had to build floor by floor as we raise money. The Global Fund for Women supported the first phase of construction and the Palmer Foundation supported Phase 2, which was completed in February 2004. Phase 3 was completed in 2008. And the 4th floor completed in 2016.  The rooftop playground was completed in 2019. Our Annex building which has taken 20 yrs to build with generous donations, but well worth it. It has enabled us to really grow and expand. 

Being the land of eternal sunshine, we would love to to provide solar power energy to our building. Not only will they help us save energy costs but we can help save the environment too. The solar panels will be placed on the roof that partially covers the playground. It was built with reinforcements to hold the weight of solar panels and are the only thing needed to complete our Annex project. 

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