The Annex Development

During its first eight years, UPAVIM had a large three story building. Programs expanded and we started new projects as we needed more space. We managed to purchase the adjacent property which had a building already on it but not suited to our needs.

We tore down the building in 2000 to begin construction of our “Annex,” to stand next to and connect to our main building. We have had to build floor by floor as we raise money. The Global Fund for Women supported the first phase of construction and the Palmer Foundation supported Phase 2, which was completed in February 2004. Phase 3 was completed in 2008. The 4th floor was completed in 2016. Then the roof-top playground was finally completed in 2019. We now have only the solar panels left to go!

The first floor houses our bakery, store and soy milk production factory (currently not running), and library.The much needed community library was able to increase in size and provides a computer lab.  The second floor houses the Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade.  The Third floor has the crafts extension which has expanded over the years and connects to the other building. And lastly the 4th floor has classrooms for 4th, 5th and 6th grade. Above this we have a rooftop playground which provides a safe place away from the dangerous streets, for children to play.

The Annex Development Wishlist

Donations are very much needed to add solar panels to lower our electric costs and add to the care of our earth.